to the most compassionate, intelligent, explosive, daring and courageous women i know: everyday is a day to celebrate your bravery, your spirit, your thoughts and your right to be treated as any other. the first word we should be called shouldn’t be “sexy”, it should be courageous; radiant, electric, passionate. today is a day to fight against the double standards, the stereotypes and the photoshopped models on magazine covers that shouldn’t tell you whether you are beautiful or not. today is a day to
fight for the brave women across the world who want to learn yet are terrified to because they might have acid thrown in their faces or they might be shot or they might be tossed in jail. and today, a little girl is secretly reading in the candlelight of her home, jumping at the creak of the floorboards or the rattling of the windows because she is denied the right to stimulate her mind. and today, we fight for that little girl. the one that could someday change the world yet does not have the education to discover the limitless beautiful thoughts that are locked within her brain. today, we fight for the stunning trans women that society refuses to accept. we fight for the gay women and we pray for the girls trapped inside a male body because their family refuses to let them be. we fight for the disabled women who are more likely to be the victims of violent crime and be the victims of rape and sexual assault, who are taken advantage of and trampled. we fight for the innocent girls forced into marriage at the age of five and we fight for the lovely girls told they are “too fat” or “too skinny” so that they start hating themselves at the age of six. we are women. we have always been here and we will always be here. do not treat us as goddesses- treat us as equals. we are women. so stand up for your sisters, celebrate each other and do not tear each other apart. and to the women who don’t think they have to be a feminist because they “don’t experience sexism/are not oppressed”- be a feminist for that little girl who is denied a voice, for the trans woman who’s looked down upon, for the woman who was raped for saying no. fight for each.